News from our 2016 Pustnik residents


We try to stay connected to all our former residents and get constant updates on their projects. Here’s what we know so far.

Tudor Botezatu’s feature-length film, “The Mind Patrol”, received development funding last autumn from the Romanian National Film Center.

Synopsis “The Mind Patrol”: In the near future, Gabriel, a 38 years old taxi driver, is trying to survive a chaotic day, in which 50.000 bad people from all around Romania are dying without an explanation or natural cause. This terrible conjunction forces him to face his personal issues in order to become a better man.


Jacqueline Lantzou’s project, “Selini66”, was selected for one of the most respected screenwriting workshops in Europe, the Torino Film Lab (TFL) programme. Jacqueline’s curerent tutor at TFL is Romanian screenwriter Răzvan Rădulescu.

Synopsis “Selini66”: A story about about a destructive, yet illuminating truth, a dark coming-of-age film centered around an unordinary father-daughter relationship.


Anton Breum’s project ”After the attack” was selected for The Film Garage development workshop in December 2016 and will be produced by the Danish production company Meta Film. Currently Anton is in the development phase.

Synopsis “After the attack”: Eva, a disenchanted, profit-oriented record label executive, is present during a terrorist attack, where she shockingly ambushes and knocks out one of the two gunmen. She must then deal with a hurricane of strenuous attention – including death threats, an ambitious Secretary of Justice, and an unwanted fan club of right-wing extremists.

Emily Marcuson has been commissioned to work on ”Stevenson Street” and has both a producer and a director attached to the project.

Synopsis “Stevenson Street”: When an unmarried, middle-aged woman buys a house on a quiet London street, she and her new neighbours are unaware of the tragic domino effect her arrival will cause. 


Pustnik’s second edition is in the oven! The dates are settled, you just have to stay tuned for our call for applications.

”News from our 2016 Pustnik residents”