Anca Ioniță to conduct the Oral Storytelling workshop


The workshop on oral storytelling traditions will be conducted by Anca Ioniță, a Romanian journalist and professor at the National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC) in Bucharest.

Anca holds an MFA and a PhD degree from UNATC in Theatre Studies, along with a BS from Bucharest National Polytechnics University. She has been working as a lecturer and PhD at UNATC since 1996. She teaches Ancient Dramaturgy and History of Performative Arts. Anca Ioniță is also a close collaborator of several cultural institutions in Romania, such as the Ministry of Culture, the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and ARCUB. She is the Publisher of the English language weekly Business Review, which she co-founded 15 years ago. She stands out in the communication field for being a very experienced editor and publisher in Romania as well as worldwide.

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”Anca Ioniță to conduct the Oral Storytelling workshop”