A glimpse into the second edition of Pustnik


Now that the second edition of Pustnik has ended, we take the opportunity to look back on the last six days we’ve spent at Cultural Port Cetate.


This year we had the opportunity to welcome to our community eight young filmmakers from all over Europe, who have shared their ideas, their fears and their beliefs in cinema. Emerging artists of different ages and with distinct academic or professional backgrounds, worked intensely on their debut feature length films.  


During the programme, some participants have managed to write an entire first draft, others have nailed down their treatments or even started their second drafts. Besides focusing on their own scripts, the residents have managed to watch each other’s previous work, offer feedback, be generous, go for a swim, enjoy the wine tasting experience and try the local food at Cetate.


Five Romanian producers joined us in the last two days of our residency for an informal pitching session: Oana Giurgiu (Libra Film), Gabi Suciu (Elefant Film), Anamaria Antoci (4 Proof Film), Daniel Mitulescu (Metropolis Film) and Radu Stancu (deFilm).

Here’s how this year’s residency looked and felt like.


”A glimpse into the second edition of Pustnik ”