2-10 September, Cultural Port Cetate, Romania


The format of the third Pustnik edition includes:

  • Writing sessions

The first five days of the residency are entirely dedicated to writing. Residents will work on their stories, in their different development phases - synopsis, exposé, treatment or first draft.

  • Film screenings

Besides dedicated writing time, Pustnik residents have the opportunity to engage with the local community through public screenings of their shorts as well as some of Romania’s finest feature films.

  • Workshop on creative producing

Held by an international producer, this year’s workshop will focus on the relationship between the writer/director and the creative producer, in the development phase of a screenplay.

  • Scriptwriting masterclass

A new section dedicated to the technique of writing a feature film screenplay. The masterclass will be held by a representative director of the Romanian New Wave. The guest will use one of his feature films as a case study to better exemplify his own approach in the process of writing and will also give feedback on the participants’ previous shorts.

  • Pitching sessions

    No round tables, no flipcharts, no big screens for presentation. A sitdown with some of the most active European producers (three from Romania and five from Europe - one from each participant’s country of origin) where the residents can talk about their work, their approach and their creative mechanisms.



Szántó Fanni

Fanni Szántó was born in Budapest and graduated from the Hungarian University of Theatre and Film Arts as a screenwriter. She wrote several short films, including Maflicsek and Playfellows, which have screened at numerous international festivals. Playfellows was awarded at the Watersprite International Film Festival, New Films Festival and Friss Hús International Short Film Festival. She runs a script - consulting company called Act One with her classmates from university.


Caroline Ingvarsson

Caroline Ingvarsson is a writer/director from Malmö, Sweden. Ingvarsson's latest short, Beneath the Spaceship (2015) premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and it won the “After Bergman” script award in 2014, an award by the Ingmar Bergman Center Foundation. In 2016 she was selected for Berlinale Talents. Ingvarsson was the recipient of the 2014 & 2016 Pixel Director Talent Award and the 2014 SWEA Los Angeles Film Grant. Ingvarsson’s short documentary The Dogwalker (2014) won 2nd prize for Best Documentary at Palm Springs Short Fest as well as the Audience Award for Best Film at Uppsala International Shortfilm Festival. Ingvarsson is currently in post production with her latest short We Were Three, which will have its world premiere in 2017. Ingvarsson holds a Diploma in Screen Studies from Sydney Film School, Australia, and a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from City University in London, England.


Luca Zuberbühler

As a filmmaker by nature, Luca was born by a cut in an emergency caesarean section in 1986. On the formal side, he got an education in communication sciences and went to filmschool (Zurich University of the Arts). His graduation short „Lothar“ brought him around the world and won a number of awards. During this inspiring period Luca became a professional cutter and director in the commercial film industry in Switzerland, where he is still active. In order to follow his passion for fiction filmmaking and eager to learn more Luca moved to Brussels in early 2016, where he is studying the masters in directing at Campus Sint-Lukas and taking workshops at l’Atelier de Direction d’acteurs with Beatriz Flores Silva. He is enthusiastic about directing entertaining films with a touch of fantasy and social criticism.

Iris Pakulla

(Born in 1986, Paris) I hold a master in creative documentary “ Creadoc" from the Université de Poitiers and a degree in audiovisual communication from the UPF, Barcelona. Since completing my studies I widened my knowledge through seminars in different areas of anthropology and international politics. Since 2011 I live in Berlin working internationally for production companies such as Majade Filmproduktion, Polar Star Films, Sagamedia and Tondowski Films.


Deben Van Dam

Deben Van Dam is a Belgian filmmaker who stepped on to the international scene with his critically acclaimed short 'The Way Of All Flesh' in 2013. Since then he has been active as a screenwriter for hire and directed numerous commercials before and after joining Belgian production company HAMLET in 2015. As of now he is finishing his newest short film 'Remise' in post-production and writing on his first feature film.


Ioana Turcan

Ioana Turcan is a cinematic storyteller living and working between Romania and USA. While she works interdisciplinary, her main focus is film; writing and directing.


Simona Sava

Born in Vaslui, where I got the taste for stories. Went to film school, for a Master Degree in Screenwriting. Graduated with two shorts and many plans for future movies. Some of them are still waiting, others got their lucky draw, like this one I’m writing at Pustnik.


Octav Chelaru

Born in 1991, Octav started making amateur films since he was 14 years old, using his relatives as actors. While in college, he directed music videos, commercials and produced a number of short films for other directors. Among the short films that he directed, we mention "False Positive" (2014) - selected in the Transilvania Talent Lab 2914 and Timishort, the same year, also presented at FSK Kino in Berlin and in Tallin; "Occupied" (2015) - winner of the Best Romanian Short award at Timishort Festival in 2015, selected at Short Waves Film Festival (PoznaƄ, Poland), ranked in the Top 5 European Shorts by Cineuropa; "Private Party" (2017) - winner of the The Pitch Award and Villa Kult Award at the NexT International Film Festival 2016, winner of the Best Pitch Award in the Sarajevo Film Festival, selected at NexT International Film Festival 2017, Anonimul 2017 and GoDebut European Film Festival 2017. His latest short film, "Black Clothes" (2017), financed by the Romanian National Film Center and produced by Radu Stancu (deFilm), was selected for the 2017 edition of the prestigious Locarno Film Festival. Currently, Octav is in development with a debut feature, which was born during his residency at the Villa Kult, in Berlin and continued throughout the Transilvania Pitch Stop at the Transilvania IFF in 2017. He will continue the development during the Pustnik Screenwriters Residency 2017.


It's not the end of the world

In the shadow of the upcoming end of the world, four people choose to escape their comfortable daily lives, and they break free to live the life they always wanted. When the Armageddon does not come, they have to face the consequences of their actions.


Charlie follows Freja to Sweden as they are expecting their first child, a move that tips the relationship power scale. Fear is a love story about integration, sacrifices and the shame of prioritizing oneself.


A Neanderthal man triggers a technological evolution that takes a wicked direction. Feeling terrible guilt, he has to stop it to prevent our extinction.

Gobi Paradise

Gobi Paradise is a contemporary fairy tale about a place struggling to survive modernity in the post-communism era.

author: Iris Pakulla

You'll be on your knees

An insecure anti-terrorist soldier in Brussels turns into a killer on his search for true love.

The Giving Sun

The lives of two struggling twin sisters, one a single mother, and the other married but infertile, complete each other in an unexpected way.

author: Ioana Turcan

A good day to die

A good day to die: Death is the only thing you really own. Make it worth living for.

author: Simona Sava


The lonely wife of a priest gets involved with an mysterious high school student.