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Arne Kohlweyer

Arne Kohlweyer was born in 1981 in Wolgast (Island of Usedom) and grew up in Berlin. After studying literature in Frankfurt/Oder, film theory in Göteborg and photography in Graz, he finished in 2008 his post-graduate studies in film directing at FAMU in Prague.
Arne has made various short films and directed for German television. He was a Berlinale Talent in 2009 (Script Station) and 2010 (Talent Project Market). Additionally Arne has been a participant of the European Short Pitch 2010, the Locarno Summer Academy 2012, the Reykjavik Talent Lab 2012, MIDPOINT's Training the Trainers-program 2013 and Torino Film Lab 2014.
Arne is a member of the German Screenwriter's Guild (VDD) since 2010. He is currently in his fifth year coordinating the Script Station of Berlinale Talents and since 2014 he is also Head of Development for 42film in Halle/Saale.

Frances Poletti

In 2013 Frances completed her screenwriting masters from the National Film and Television School. Her graduation film MISS TODD won Gold at the 2013 Student Oscars. A first in 40 years for an animation in the Foreign Film Category, the film was then long listed for the 86th Academy Awards 2014. WOODLAND, which Frances wrote and directed, was in competition at Underwire Festival, where she was nominated for Best Director with lead Shannon Tarbet winning Best Actress. Stop-motion musical MISS TODD, exploring the life of the first female aeronautical engineer, played over 50 festivals worldwide, winning 16 awards, including a Student Oscar and a Royal Television Society Award. Frances and co-writer/ director Kristina Yee were part of the BAFTA and NFTS ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ showcase in 2014. They have just finished writing MISS TODD the feature. In 2015, MISS TODD AND HER WONDERFUL FLYING MACHINE was released as a children’s book. With publishers, Compendium Inc., Frances and Kristina brought Miss Todd’s story to life on the page. After the book’s success, they will be working with Compendium again, to celebrate the incredible story of how BOBBY GIBB became the world’s first female marathon runner. The book is due for release in 2017. Salon Pictures is producing Frances’ sci-fi feature MEET ME IN TEN YEARS. Sharon Horgan, (Pulling, Catastrophe, Divorce) is attached to direct.

Bryn Chainey

Bryn was born in London but, after the family’s roof blew off during the Great Storm of 1987, the Chaineys migrated to Australia for what is fashionably known as ‘a better life’. From here things got even worse and Bryn eventually became a filmmaker.

He graduated from Griffith Film School at the age of 21. During his studies Bryn was also a coach and writer-in-residence for the youth drama school, the Australian Acting Academy.

In 2009 he participated in the Berlinale Talents, where his screenplay Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness received a production grant and then emerging director’s prize at the following year’s Berlinale. His next short, Moritz and the Woodwose was screened in more than 50 international festivals, including Edinburgh and Warsaw.

Aside from short films, Bryn directs music videos, co-founded Pustnik Writers Residence, and continues to avoid storms and roofs. 

Andreea Borțun

Andreea Bortun is a Romanian writer and filmmaker, a graduate of UNATC, Bucharest and BARD College Berlin. Andreea’s debut short Blue Spring was selected in 2015 for the official competition of the 40th Toronto International Film Festival, and her second short film, Love Locker was purchased by France 3, to be broadcasted in 2016. She has been an active contributor for various film and art magazines, is an alumnus of several prestigious international training programs and since 2006 is the co-president of the biggest Theatre Festival for Youth in Romania (Ideo Ideis), an event supported by actors Jeremy Irons and Marcel Iures. She is the co-founder of Pustnik, an international writers’ residence. From time to time, she also works as a playwright. She had her debut in a theatre show directed by Neil LaBute, and her first play (Ashes Afar) was part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

Nagy V. Gergo

Nagy V. Gergő studied sociology, aesthetics and screenwriting, and is currently a doctoral student in Film at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. He has written for some major Hungarian cultural publicatons and a great many minor ones. He works as a critic and screenwriter. His films have been in competition in Cannes, Sarajevo and Sao Paulo. At the moment he is develoing a script with György Pálfi.








Feature film Autobahn centres around a 17 yr old boy who was the product of a one night stand when his mother was on a school exchange trip to Germany. He runs away to find his father - accompanied by his best friend and 11 year old step sister - none of which have ever left their small hometown in Hull, England, before. 

The film explores identity, our sense of belonging and the relationship between what the English perceive to be German and the reality. From a love of Wim Wenders, Shane Meadows and John Hughes - it's a mix of influences that are led by this young boy's hunger to know who he is.

Nothing Else Mattress

A comedy-drama set in the melting hot suburbs of Australia in the mid 1990-s. Rhys is a neurotic teenager with an overactive imagination and a bizarre dirty secret under his bed.

He falls in love with Iris - the nastiest, coolest girl in school - who is a guitar goddess, has a pet tarantula, and is totally out of his league. His world gets even weirder when his parents separate and his mom decides to emigrate to the UK.

Convinced his human rights are being attacked, Rhys makes a plea to the government for help, which only makes his mother tighten her clasp. He becomes increasingly alienated as he reinvents himself as a grunge rocker to impress Iris, emotionally blackmailing his dad to buy him an electric guitar.

However, the only thing that comes naturally to Rhys is disaster and everything goes balls up. The more he pushes for things to stay the same, the more they change. Running out of options, he hijacks his family’s demountable house and drives it into the desert. But even in the most vast, barren environment on the planet Rhys cannot outrun his mother.

author: Bryn Chainey


It's winter time and the Southern lands are frozen. So is the car Cristina was supposed to hop in this Sunday. It's her grandfather's 85th birthday, down in the frozen Romanian country side. Despite the cold, frosty roads, it's not nature that's throwing obstacles in her way, but the basic mechanics of cars and humans. Tomorrow she'll head back to Berlin and all will be well. But until then, she's still a 22 year old woman, reduced, with every family visit, to the child she used to be more than a decade ago.