Pustnik Screenwriters Residency is a seven-day retreat in countryside Romania, where young screenwriters can develop their projects in an environment dedicated to peace of mind and clarity of thought.


The first two editions were both wonderfully productive -- by the end of the week, some of our residents had new feature treatments, others had entire scripts. For the 2017 edition we’re looking for screenwriters who are passionate, generous of spirit, and who understand that stories are born in bonfires, not boardrooms. It’s important to remember that our work belongs to storytelling traditions far more ancient than multiplexes or even theatres: the flickering light of cinema was, before everything else, a campfire.

Besides dedicated writing time, Pustnik residents have the opportunity to engage with the local community through public screenings of their shorts as well as some of Romania’s finest feature films. Beyond the residency program, Pustnik is a growing network of filmmakers, researchers, and cultural workers across the globe.